The power of intimacy is as intriguing as Lust or the act of intercourse . Me …I’m what you call a Sapiosexual , an individual who is enticed by the mind of the opposite sex anything other than that of course is icing on the cake for me . You see I wasn’t always that way believe me ,It was much more of a physical thing for me . Good looks charm and a little swagger …okay.. I could work with that … UNTIL one night turns into days, days turn into weeks , weeks being spent together turns into trial and error and what I thought I liked wasn’t what I wanted at all ! Okay you might be saying to yourself well it’s your fault you spent so much time ! or men will be men for the females who haven’t quite experienced what I’m gonna break down for you over a course of time . The difference between intimacy and sex , sex and lust, Energy and soul snatching . I find it very amusing that when I’m on Instagram or Facebook I see all these quotes and memes about “soul snatching” and the best head I’ve ever had , in which are the same people if you had a personal conversation with based on sex and their sexuality are far from open minded sexually. Get a grip, having an orgasm reaching a climax or something that feels good at the moment is NOT I repeat is NOT in no way shape or form soul snatching my dears . Soul snatching is when your partner or prospect for the night (yes I said for the night) gives you much more then physical stimulation but a natural high ! Imagine toasting to the good life on top off a 100 storie building while blowing smoke in the air . Sun bathing topless in Maui with a cold margarita in your hand . Walking into a stadium full of hundreds and thousands of people who all stand  and applaud you upon you’re entrance . This here is dope sh!t my friend but it gets better and better and eventually addictive.

Let us begin 

Soul snatching : Being able to control your opposition not only physically but with your mind. A soul snatcher will entice your mind , leaving you fully open to experiencing new things outside your comfort zone .

Example ::::  Four out of five people cannot even picture their selves having sex with a person they have a sexual relationship with , hell they can’t even  picture this person while master bating , Not good 

If you are not sexually open minded physically mentally this article is not for you . 

A soul snatcher will not only have you thinking about what they are doing at the moment but also the next time you see them : what your going to say , wear , you might even bring groceries over to cook for them .

A soul snatcher is intriguing with touch : they will do things in your presence that only you would remember . Forehead kisses , slight grabs or pecks on the neck just a few little examples

They also have pet names or thing they usually tend to say in messages That will make you question why they aren’t doing or saying it when it stops


Soul snatchers have a precise way of doing things in the bedroom . They aim to please ! They’ll please you and control you at the same damn time !

You like they way that feels ….open up ….. Let me see it …. You not giving my sh!t away ? Right ?! Take it .. This is mine …Who’s ****** is this !” 

You’ll recognize your soul snatcher when your weak and have no choice but to reply if not tell them try their luck next time

They are visual , so be ready to dance or keep the lights on . Kinky is an understatement and their egos won’t allow them to give you the basic experience
” let me hit it on the balcony “

          “Pull over and let me suck it ” 

Soul snatchers are so confident and content with their selves nothing takes them out of their comfort zone .

They will say and do the unexpected remember they aim to please so even if you’ve never experienced what they have to offer you’ll love it after .

Your soul snatcher will be a game changer for you , you will acquire a different taste in a sexual partner and everything you’ve experienced once before will become mediocre ! Lol don’t be modest

It’s a lot that you can learn from your soul snatcher, in fact after they’ve been in your presence you will see a change in your confidence .